Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pushpin Glassware...

Clear plastic push-pins are a great source for mini-ideas.

For the centerpiece, I've taken a clear plastic push-pin and superglued it to a small mosaic tile for a base. On the pin side top, I've pushed the pin through a flexible plastic suction cup. You can cut the metal pin section off depending on what you decide to put in the bowl, but I left the pin in so it would help hold the brown decorative beads in place.

The candles: The actual green candle parts are made from glass beads. The elevated candle holders are simply push-pins turned upside down. The shorter candle holders have just been snipped off right below the ridge of the push-pin.

The decanter/vase looking piece is made from a pushpin with the metal pin cut off, superglued facing down to a glass bead. The more decorative the bead, the fancier your decanter or vase will look!

Lastly, the bowl of shells is made from craft shells. The bowl is simply made from a plastic flexible suction cup.


kathi said...

Awesome idea. I'm going to do this!

TINK-SONIA said...

I love your minis such a details! A warm greeting from Spain.Sonia