Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Al's New Apron

Part of being a miniaturist is keeping your eyes open for something that suits the scale you're working in

Al's New Apron
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A great source of miniature accessories can be found in the scrapbooking aisle. There are TONS of fancy scrapbook stickers that can have use in miniature scenes.

In the picture, Albert is modeling this lovely apron I found made by Jolee's By You. It was cheap --$1.00 on sale at Michael's....and as an added bonus it came with two removable wooden kitchen utensils that can also be used in your mini scenes.

I've used tons of scrapbooking materials in my houses. In fact, all of my wallpaper is scrapbooking paper. You can always find the perfect shade or pattern to match your room...it's hard to say the same about the dollhouse wallpaper you see for sale.

The lovely white cake in the foreground is a polymer clay creation. I love polymer clay. Plop it in a microwavable container with water and zap it for a few seconds and it's set...

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