Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Porcelain" Tile Floor

The kitchen floor shown in this picture was made from 1 sheet of tan colored craft foam. This is the spongy stuff in the craft department with kids crafts most of the time. You can get the pre-stickied sheets and all you will have to do is peel and stick--or you can use a spray on adhesive to adhere your tiles.

I personally like to place my floor on cardboard, that way I can remove it if I need to hide wiring, etc.

To create the tiles, the first step was texturing. Using four or five differing shades of brown/tan/cream, I mixed each color individually with matte modge podge and stippled the sheet of foam with a layer of each. The modge podge will give it a bit of a glossy, shiny effect but without being overwhelming as if it was covered in pure gloss. You have to make sure you don't use alot of paint when you're stippling--you want a rough, uneven look and texture to your tiles. I also suggest waiting to let one color dry before beginning the next, otherwise your paint will smear together and create one color, instead of differing shades.

After the painting is done, I measured out one inch squares on the backside and cut into pieces. Then--layed the tile as seen here. Craftfoam is really easy to cut so fitting "tiles" into corners and sides is super easy!

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Another great idea!