Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This cute little birdfeeder is easy to make. You just need the following:

Cap Bead
Beading Wire
Clear Eyeliner Cap
Mustard Seed

Simply fill the clear plastic eyeliner cap up with small "birdseed" looking material. I used mustard seed for the picture shown. Place a thin layer of hot glue on a button and center the button glue down on top of the cap. Turn it upside down and place another thin layer of hot glue or superglue on the button around the tube. Sprinkle more mustard seed on top of the glue.

For the cap, take a strand of beading wire, double it over and tie a double knot in the cut end. Run the other end up through a cap bead to make your "hanger". Fill the underside of the cap bead with hot glue and place it on top of your "birdfeeder" tube.

You can most likely find little resin or porcelain birds to embellish your feeder. The bird pictured here was found at Hobby Lobby for around $3.00 for pack of 12.

If you don't have a plastic eyeliner cap handy, you can also use clear perfume vials, see-thru straws or any type of clear plastic tubing to make your feeder tube.

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